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Business owners are managing the working population time and  experience to generate more wealth each day.

Top 5 reasons why you are not achieving your desired dream yet :
  • You are not work for profit, you work for pay
  • You may not have a clearly defined goal yet
  • You may not access to up-to-date information
  • You are not networking with the right experts
  • You are not willing to take risk when opportunities appear
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No training can produce a real businessman or entrepreneur better than one man who is determined to take strictly performance based sales position. It is RESULTS, not REASONS. Author unknown
Elite Finance Strategist

1. Age 25-40 years old.
2. Finance, banking, investment industry.
3. Minimum 3 years working experience.
4. Attractive income remuneration package.
5. Sales position to advise and implement suitable financial solutions.
6. Incentive travel trips.

Elite Finance Team Lead

1. Lead a sales team with at least 3 members.
2. Age 25 - 40 years old.
3. To prepare marketing campaign to increase closing opportunities.
4. Recruit, lead and manage team members.
5. Attractive above market remuneration package.
6. Present and sell suitable financial products and services.

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