Do you know that 5% of the world population controls 85% of the world’s wealth and resources?

Business owners are managing the working population time and  experience to generate more wealth each day.

Top 5 reasons why you are not achieving your desired dream yet :
  • You are not work for profit, you work for pay
  • You may not have a clearly defined goal yet
  • You may not access to up-to-date information
  • You are not networking with the right experts
  • You are not willing to take risk when opportunities appear
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No training can produce a real businessman or entrepreneur better than one man who is determined to take strictly performance based sales position. It is RESULTS, not REASONS. Author unknown
Personal Finance Strategist

- Basic 4K + commissions
- Promotion to manager in 3rd year
- Incentive travel trips
- Personal mentoring

Customer Service Executive

1. To provide service support to our clients.
2. To prepare marketing campaign to increase closing opportunities

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PFA Career |

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PFA A.C.E career plan serves as the guiding path for all members
Advisor -> Coach -> Educationist

Your Income based on performance and efforts


You have more control of career advancement based on merit


Free from a repetitive boring job


Recognition for performance


Learn up to date financial knowledge and skills


You design and build your own business

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