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PFA ASIA financial coach are either Certified Financial Planner(CFP) , MBA and passed financial certification

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PFA Asia is a award winning financial company since year 2000

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W.I.S.E Financial solutions

We help Individuals and Businesses to increase their cash availability, better visibility of their money matters and improve chance of financial success.
PFA Asia Cash flow Money planning

Cash Flow Money Planning

Cash flow money planning is very crucial for personal finance. Do you know where your money flows to ?

PFA Asia education planning

Education planning

Your children's education is a high priority. The higher it goes, the higher the cost. Do you have it covered ?

PFA Asia insurance planning

Insurance Financial Analysis

When a person die young, their death will impact to others. Have you plan for unforeseen ?

PFA Asia retirement planning

Retirement planning

Retirement is the beginning of second part of journey of one’s life. Have you plan well for it ?

Business funding Malaysia |

Finance Your Business

Every business owner knows that financing is one of the most important and challenging financial management skill to master.

Leadership |

Grow Your Business

What is next for your business after successful start up ? How do I sell more and capture bigger market share ? How can I grow my business ?

Friendship |

Protect Your Business

As your business becomes successful, it becomes vulnerable. Potential threats can harm your business. Ever have sleepless night ?

Goodbye handshake |

Exit Your Business

You know the day will come when you will have to exit. What will you do when that day arrives ? What is your exit strategy ?

Mortgage reduction |

Lifestyle 360 Loan Reduction

How do you own your properties while paying off debts fast ? Do you know the impact of 1% increase of interest to your loan ?

investment power knowledge |

Investment Power Knowledge

There is BIG difference between Savings and Investing. Do you know the difference ? Are you investing or saving ?

investment rules

Investment Golden Rules

Sometime the best advice is the simplest. How many investment rules of thumb do you know ? Heard of rule of 72 ?

millionaires investment |

Millionaire Wealth Guide

Most people associate high income to wealth. Is that the truth ? Or do you have a solid road to millions investment strategy ?

Estate distribution |

What is Estate Distribution?

You heard of difficulties faced by family to administer a deceased's estate. Concern what happens to your assets when you pass away ?

Die without Will |

What If Dies Without Will

When a person pass away, the deceased's assets will be frozen. Have you know the consequences of passed away without a Will ?

Muslim estate |

Muslim Estate Distribution

Upon death, a Muslim assets distribution will follow Shariah Distribution Act. How do you ensure your heirs get the right portions of your estate ?

non muslim estate |

Non Muslim Estate Distribution

Have you ensure your estate distributed equitably to avoid family fighting ?

What our clients say

Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read a few of our testimonials below.
I knew Edmumd Tai, the founder of Prajna Advisors way back since 1998 when he is starting to venture into financial services. As a human capital consultant then, I conduct behavioural profiling on him and witness how he progress to overcome his limitations in financial industry. Subsequently, I become his loyal customer for the commitment, responsiveness, professionalism and accuracy of information he has shown.

In summary, I must say, Edmumd has worked hard towards his vision in developing a financial services firm under the brand name PFA Asia. Above all, with the dedication, I can only expect the company to flourish.

John Lau |

John Lau

Managing Director

PFA Asia (Prajna Advisors Asia Financial Group) has been outstanding in the level of services provided for their clients. As a long standing client since 2003, I have found the company to possess the most important 3 ``E`` in the client charter, namely ``Ethical, Efficient and Excellence``

These personal attributes are imbued into the corporate ethos of Prajna Advisors and ensures that they are ready and willing to go the extra mile for their clients. In conclusion this in my view is what separates magnificence from mediocrity.

Dr Christopher Shun |

Dr Christopher Shun

Managing Director and International Economist

Words are insufficient in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Prajna Advisors (Asia) Sdn Bhd, for their most excellent services rendered to our company. Over years of business dealings together, our company has had the priviledge of being in partnership with Prajna Advisors, and in obtaining a ``true friend in need`` whilst having had their valuable assistance in helping us sail through many uncertain time.

Your consultant dedication to serve our company, as a client, reflects volumes of Prajna Advisors' sincerity of service a profound availability for support and advice at any time of day, and that too, with a warm and embracing smile.

Tunku Shazuddin |

Tunku Shahzuddin

Managing Director

Your advisor at PFA Asia provides a balanced and emphatic approach to consulting with clients. You bring a down-to-earth and practical approach to resolving client's dilemmas, especially when it comes to the realm of financial advisory and knowing where to place your hard earned money to ensure returns and protective coverage.
Sudesh |

Sudesh Vadivaloo

Business Owner

Professional and knowledgeable in business practice, somebody who is reliable and trusted advisor. I have no hesitation to recommend to others who is looking for collaboration and growth.
Yap Boon Lim |

Yap Boon Lim

Business Owner

One of the rare few people which is humble yet passionate and very ambitious in the good way. If you ever need serious financial planning advices, I would highly recommend PFA Asia as the company to look for. They know their stuffs and I guarantee the company puts your needs before business profits.
I was really impressed when I noticed the company going the extra mile to do proposals for people or businesses that might not even be worth the effort or time spent, it just shows the professionalism and belief in doing the right thing for people rather than just looking after the profitable things.
christopher shee |

Christopher Shee

Talent Development Manager

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions with our helpful FAQs

1. Why should I talk to a financial advisor to manage my finance ?

A financial advisor will be able to guide you to build a financial road map in order to provide  to meet your financial goals. He or she able to provide forecasting to your future financial situation so you can make necessary adjustment.


In summary, a financial advisor should have training and experience in financial products and understand financial aspects of your life – insurance, investment, loans, business planning or even estate planning in order to make the right recommendations for your personal situation.

2. What certifications should a financial advisor possess ?

Anyone can call himself or herself a financial planner or advisor. Many unit trust agent, Insurance agent, stock or real estate broker like to use the term of financial planner or financial consultant.


At the very least you should make sure your advisor has a certificate licensed with the licensing authority.


A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) has competency and experience in all areas of financial planning. A CFP has completed courses of study in over 100 topics of financial management including equities, taxes, and retirement planning. He or she must also follow the Certified Financial Planner code of ethics. A CFP has a fiduciary responsibility.


A Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) also has extensive experience in helping individuals assess their financial goals. In order to obtain the ChFC certification, a candidate must complete the program and pass the tests administered by the American College.

3. I am too young or too old for financial planning ?

No one is neither too young nor too old to start with financial planning.


Financial planning can start from the day you get your first paycheck and till the time you leave inheritances for your children. In other words, financial planning also involves estate planning so you can properly plan as to how you want to distribute your assets and liabilities among your children after your death.


Its never too early or too late to start with a disciplined finance by following a structured approach of good financial planning.

4. How do your company work ?

We work under a process. And in this process the first step is to establish the relationship between advisor and client which is a Discovery Process.


Our Discovery Process meeting is free and no charge. This will give you enough time to  understand the steps and formalities. We will ask about the goals and other financial issues. After this discussion if you agree to proceed, then we can move to the next step for signing the engagement papers.

6. How much do your company charge for your services ?

We are transparent on our fee structure and work with different fee models


1. Annual or hourly advisory fees from client.

2. AUM percentage charges from client.

3. Commissions earned from products while helping clients implement the financial program.

4. Referral fees earned from other agent/advisor.


We work with a combination of the above fee models and subject to client choice.


Just send us a message if you have other questions not covered by the FAQ. We shall be glad to answer.

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