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What our clients say

Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read a few of our testimonials below.
I hired Edmumd from PFA Asia for personal advisory & our coaching sessions. An initial get-to-know call followed by a couple of brief introductory virtual meetings, and I was convinced that I am hiring what I need. The process of coaching and self-digging especially in this subject can be a slow process but each session was a breakthrough. I will be sending my child for coaching with PFA Asia in a few years from now. Thank you Edmumd. It has been a pleasure.

Ryan Tadjou

Business Owner

I knew Edmumd Tai, the founder of Prajna Advisors way back since 1998 when he is starting to venture into financial services. As a human capital consultant then, I conduct behavioural profiling on him and witness how he progress to overcome his limitations in financial industry. Subsequently, I become his loyal customer for the commitment, responsiveness, professionalism and accuracy of information he has shown.

In summary, I must say, Edmumd has worked hard towards his vision in developing a financial services firm under the brand name PFA Asia. Above all, with the dedication, I can only expect the company to flourish.

John Lau | pfaasia.com

John Lau

Managing Director

Sifu Edmumd guides and increase your financial literacy regardless of your competency level. Hand in hand, he imparts wonderful nuggets on life wisdom that help you keep pace and may even, exceed your own initial expectations.

Josephine Teh

Homemaker, insurance professional

One of the rare few people which is humble yet passionate and very ambitious in the good way. If you ever need serious financial planning advices, I would highly recommend PFA Asia as the company to look for. They know their stuffs and I guarantee the company puts your needs before business profits.
I was really impressed when I noticed the company going the extra mile to do proposals for people or businesses that might not even be worth the effort or time spent, it just shows the professionalism and belief in doing the right thing for people rather than just looking after the profitable things.
christopher shee | pfaasia.com

Christopher Shee

Talent Development Manager

Words are insufficient in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Prajna Advisors (Asia) Sdn Bhd, for their most excellent services rendered to our company. Over years of business dealings together, our company has had the priviledge of being in partnership with Prajna Advisors, and in obtaining a ``true friend in need`` whilst having had their valuable assistance in helping us sail through many uncertain time.

Your consultant dedication to serve our company, as a client, reflects volumes of Prajna Advisors' sincerity of service a profound availability for support and advice at any time of day, and that too, with a warm and embracing smile.

Tunku Shazuddin | pfaasia.com

Tunku Shahzuddin

Managing Director

Professional and knowledgeable in business practice, somebody who is reliable and trusted advisor. I have no hesitation to recommend to others who is looking for collaboration and growth.
Yap Boon Lim | pfaasia.com

Yap Boon Lim

Business owner

PFA Asia (Prajna Advisors Asia Financial Group) has been outstanding in the level of services provided for their clients. As a long standing client since 2003, I have found the company to possess the most important 3 ``E`` in the client charter, namely ``Ethical, Efficient and Excellence``

These personal attributes are imbued into the corporate ethos of Prajna Advisors and ensures that they are ready and willing to go the extra mile for their clients. In conclusion this in my view is what separates magnificence from mediocrity.

Dr Christopher Shun | pfaasia.com

Dr Christopher Shun

Managing Director and International Economist

Helpful Service! Mr Edmumd is knowledgeable and helpful.

Alistair Patrick


Your advisor at PFA Asia provides a balanced and emphatic approach to consulting with clients. You bring a down-to-earth and practical approach to resolving client's dilemmas, especially when it comes to the realm of financial advisory and knowing where to place your hard earned money to ensure returns and protective coverage.
Sudesh | pfaasia.com

Sudesh Vadivaloo

Business Owner

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