Non-Muslim Estate Distribution

Estate planning is a process of ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of financially as how you have envisioned for them.

Estate planning is not about planning for death, it provide answers to scenarios in your life such as : how you wish to be treated if get ill, if become disable and scenario after you pass away.

Are you worry over these concerns ?
  • How can I pass on my business to my successor upon my demise ?
  • Which estate distribution tools are available for me ?
  • How often should I review my estate plan ?
  • What can I do to have my estate distribute equitably to avoid family in-fighting ?
  • How can I distribute my assets to my extra-marital lover ?
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Thinking well to be wise: Planning well, wiser: Doing well wisest and best of all. Malcolm-Forbes
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Wealth Transfer Strategies

This PFA Exclusive Guide helps you to understand various estate planning and wealth transfer strategies.

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